How to Clip a YouTube Video?

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If You want to unlock the real potential of YouTube videos, you don’t need to look further! You can utilize this potential for your creativity or sometimes for sharing valuable segments of higher value. It’s possible if you know the art “How to clip a YouTube video?

Well, you are here at (add brand name), and you will get the step-by-step guide to get it done. Isn’t it exciting art to discover and be good at??? Yes! It Is. This technique helps you extract and show the most impactful segments you love to share with your audience.

Whether you are a marketer, a content creator, or managing your own YouTube channel, we will uplift your skill by adding this art of clipping a YouTube video. So, it’s time to grab some snakes and keep your eyes on the screen, and later, you can clip your 1st video like a pro.

What is a YouTube video Clip, and How do you Create one?

A clip is often a short segment of video with a time duration ranging from 5–60 seconds long. Clips are played on a loop if you tried from the original video's watch page. You can share YouTube video clips on social media or with other means of communication e.g. email or Texting. Usually, the setting for clipping a video is on for YouTube videos. However, if you find a video without permission to clip you can look into settings. Once you create a clip by default, it follows the public option, helping you reach the maximum audience. 

Finding a perfect moment in a YouTube video reflects your creativity.

How to create a clip?

You can follow these steps to clip a YouTube video:
Step 1: This step requires you to Sign in to YouTube. Once you sign in, you can proceed.
Step 2: After signing in, choose a video to Watch.
Step 3: You can find 3 dots under the video where you can find the clip option. If you cannot see this option, that video is not eligible for clips.
Step 4: After you choose the clip option, you can see a clip window/box (Check the attached photo)
Step 5: Here, you can choose the section you want to clip. Remember the time duration criteria from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. You can easily drag the slider to choose the clip section.
Step 6: Choose a suitable title. You can apply SEO principles to use this step effectively. You can choose up to 140 characters.
Step 7: Click on the share option to share the final clip.

Choose the sharing option available as highlighted below :

  • Sharing Clip using Clipboard: By clicking  the COPY button, you can copy a link for the video that you can paste somewhere else, including WhatsApp and more options
  • Social Media: You can click available social media options and can share a specific option 
  • Sharing by Email: This option will lead you to the default email option to share further.
Following these steps is not a complicated job indeed, you will enjoy performing these steps. Once you are done with your 1st clip, you can explore more details and check how to prevent clipping for your videos.

How do you prevent viewers from clip your content?

If you are a content creator and you are looking to avoid others clipping your content, you can do this by using YouTube studio setting options. You can avoid others from creating and sharing clips of your videos on changing the setting options available. These setting options may vary from time to time, but it’s a good idea to use them. The other way could be by adding users to your Channel Hidden Users List. Blocking the words from clip titles is another way you can choose to prevent use. These options are also available for live streams.
You can check the latest policies for live stream options that may cover a long session of five hours or more. 

Why are clips essential for content creators?

As mentioned earlier, this is an art, and you can maximize its benefits once you equip yourself. The application covers the impactful segments sharing with your audience. You can keep your audience engaged with the additional benefits mentioned below:

  • Viewers can watch the original videos if they watch your clips hence clicks are public.
  • Clip can’t create new videos but produce shareable links this is why they are considered pointers for existing videos or streams.

How to maximize benefits from YouTube Clips?

Growing businesses prefer to keep a strong presence on social media. Social media is a modern way of customer management as well. Getting reviews and keeping your customer is now more important. YouTube video clips play a vital role with millions of videos and extracting and sharing clips on social media results in better results.


Nowadays, users are getting used to watching short clips with multiple options on social media. Sharing a YouTube clip can fulfill the purpose and provide an opportunity to extract maximum when they have less time to watch a complete video

 2. Watch time

Sharing clips regularly can lead end users to stay on your YouTube channel, resulting in higher watch time. This is followed by SEO principles, the good use of keywords can maximize visibility in the form of clips as well.

 3. Revenue

Getting more money is never a bad idea. YouTube clip sharing helps you achieve this goal.

So, keep creating wonderful clips and raising the bar from now onward. This is the time to take your creativity to the next level as a content creator. You can re-discover unforgettable moments and share them with a global audience. 


Creating and sharing clips is art and a great idea to engage your audience. This art can bring more revenue for you. We have explained a step-by-step guide on how to clip a YouTube video. To check the latest updates and changes in settings, you can subscribe to YouTube Creator Studio or keep visiting for more exciting tips and guidelines.