How to delete a YouTube Channel?

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The dream of stardom on YouTube has not come true yet. Perhaps your channel's video catalog doesn't gather enough views or subscribers to let you quit your full-time job. Whether you want to pause a track or shut it down completely, YouTube makes it easy.

You need to browse YouTube on Google or any other search engine because YouTube does not allow users to delete channels on mobile apps. When considering whether to delete a YouTube channel, you may want to consider the final result of the deletion. 

YouTube TV and YouTube Premium subscriptions associated with your YouTube channel will be canceled. Google is making it relatively easy to delete YouTube channels, but it may not be necessary because it is a drastic measure. However, if you have to take this measure, is your partner in making an important decision and provides you with an authentic guide.

Depending on the reason you want to delete the channel. Temporarily hide a channel, delete or change one or more videos or playlists.

The Process of Deleting YouTube Channels

Your channel name and description may be a better solution. Step-by-step instructions on adjusting your YouTube channel from your PC, Android phone, or iPhone. You can also create a new channel and start again. Learn how to create a new YouTube channel within 10 minutes. With a PC or a new powerful Chromebook, you can edit and post videos quickly and start again.

How do I switch to the correct channel?

Before you delete or change your YouTube channel, log into the correct Google account and view the correct channel.

Switch between YouTube channels using the browser.

  • Go to YouTube from your web browser and select your profile picture in the upper right corner.

  • A menu will open with options for your Google account. Switch Accounts to display channels and accounts.

  • Elect the channel you want to remove or modify from the list. Each YouTube account can have multiple channels.

How to delete a YouTube channel?

How to delete a YouTube channel is simple. Please note that this action cannot be undone. All video content, playlists, and channel details will be deleted and cannot be undone. Comments and replies from deleted channels are also deleted. 

If you want to delete the YouTube channel, follow the steps below.

To delete a YouTube channel

  • Access YouTube Studio.

  • Click on your profile picture and select the YouTube Studio option from the drop-down menu.
  • Open Settings at the bottom left of YouTube Studio.

  • Select the Channels section from the left sidebar in the settings.

  • Select the Advanced tab at the top.

  • Scroll down and click Delete YouTube Content to proceed to the next step.
  • Loads a new page and provides options for hiding or deleting content. Select "I want to permanently delete the content."
  • Two boxes must be checked. The first explains that your videos, comments, replies, etc. will be lost. The second is to warn that the paid subscription will be canceled, although access is possible until the end of the billing cycle.
  • Click on the blue button that says Delete my content and go to the next. You must enter an email address or channel name to confirm. The channel is permanently deleted.

How to hide YouTube channels?

If you want to hibernate on YouTube, you don't need to do anything. You can post a video to your subscribers to let them know you're going to be down for a while, but you don't have to. And let it stand until you are ready to go further. If you need to remove a channel to avoid controversy or tedious comments, hide it without removing it. This will prevent anyone from seeing your channel videos, likes, subscriptions, and subscribers until you enable them again. To hide content, you must open the YouTube Studio settings. See the previous section for instructions. In the YouTube Studio settings, select Hide Content. Then mark the two checkboxes to indicate that you understand that your video will be marked private.  However, your channel page, name, art, like, and subscription will remain visible. Click on the blue button that says "Hide my content" and go to the next.

How to delete videos and playlists on YouTube?

If you're having trouble with a specific video or playlist you've uploaded to YouTube, you can delete the video without deleting the entire channel.

Delete YouTube videos and playlists using a browser

  • From your YouTube channel, click the Manage Videos button in the upper right corner.
  • Select one or more videos to delete.
  • Remove permanently from the More Actions menu Select.
  • To delete a playlist, select the Playlists tab. Then choose "Delete Playlist" from the other menu.

Delete YouTube videos using the mobile app

From you delete a YouTube Channel, tap the Manage Videos button below the channel name and description. A list of videos will appear. Select the other menu to the right of the video you want to delete. Tap "Delete" in the pop-up to delete the video that is causing the problem.

How do I update the YouTube channel name and description?

If the name of the YouTube channel does not like it, causes problems, or is controversial, you do not need to delete the entire channel. You can rename it. Also, update the channel's handle name and description. The YouTube handle name was introduced in 2022 as an easy way to identify the channel.

Rename your YouTube channel using the mobile app

  • Make sure that the channel you want to change is displayed.
  • Tap on your profile picture to open the options menu and select "My Channel".
  • Tap the pencil icon at the right end of the screen to edit the channel.
  • Click the three pencil icons in the channel settings to change the channel name, edit the handle name, and update the description text.


It is easy to delete a YouTube Channel from the desktop browser, but there is no way to remove it from the mobile app on Android or iPhone. Instead of permanently deleting content and other details, and channels, you might be able to take a break by ignoring or hiding them. If you have any annoyance about a particular video, you might be relieved to hide the channel or delete some videos or playlists. If you have a channel for a considerable period of time, you should not delete the channel without seriously thinking.